Sunday, December 27, 2009

The pamamanhikan preps

On the first sunday of 2010, aside from celebrating my 32nd birthday we will have another big leap of our wedding preps, the pamamanhikan. Pamamanhikan is a Filipino tradition for soon to be wed couples where the meeting of two families happens. Ours would be formality and have both parents/families meet and mingle.

H2b and I planned this to be a double celebration; it will be an early dinner as not to have a late get together because there's work the next day. Our objective: have a short and sweet meet up where both parties will still feel comfortable and at ease but at the same time will be able to discuss all that matters.

So how do you prepare for a pamamanhikan?

The list below is my opinion on how the bride-to-be should prepare for this day:

1) Set the time properly. Make sure that you won't have long hours of lull time or short talk time for important stuff.

2) Let your h2b know that they need to bring something. It's a tradition that the h2b's family will bring food to the b2b's family, most of the time it's the family's specialty food.

3) Prepare all the wedding related stuff. This helps avoid any argument from both families and can set the direction of the conversation. Let them know your plans: before, during and after the wedding.

4) Be yourself but dress well. In my humble POV, it's still a formal event you don't have to buy a gown or have your hair done at the salon. Just wear something nice and comfortable. Your h2b's family will be appreciative that you value their visit and prepare not just the food but yourself as well.

5) Enjoy. This is just the beginning of having them all together, savor the first!

In all honesty I am anxious and tense for this day, I even started looking for the proper dress to wear and thinking already of what food to prepare. Hope everything will end up fine, so before this h2b and I will have our year ender wedding prep meeting to set everything up. ^_^

Friday, December 4, 2009

an early year-ender part 2

I'm glad that I was able to do the 2nd part before the year ends, or otherwise it wouldn't be appropriate to use the early year ender title. The 2nd part covers our nth visit to Tagaytay for the church choir and a meeting with the OTP FB Manager.

I woke up early on that warm day of November 29th, sent an SMS to Rins and called h2b. Meeting place is at Starbucks 6750 and call time is 7AM unfortunately I got there almost 8AM (thanks to the external HD that was missing and took x hours off my travel time).

Heading to Tagaytay from SLEX is a breeze but since it’s a long weekend (Nov 30 is a holiday) Tagaytay proper welcomes us with a heavy traffic.

On the way to Tagaytay, pictures pictures at the gas station. H2b pissed-off at the traffic hihi and adik friend Rins working inside the car.

We weren’t able to start the 10AM OLLP mass, but were able to hear the Lourdes Tagaytay chorale sing. After the mass, I approached the choir coordinator and talked to her about the possibility of getting them for the wedding ceremony. The conditions are acceptable, the peso power is more than reasonable and so I asked the coordinator to pencil booked our date. One month before Dec 17, we need to go back, meet with them and finalize the song list. For those interested to contact them, here’s their multiply site: they do accept wedding from Calaruega, COTH and different areas of Cavite.

After that very short meeting, we attended the 11:30 AM mass then headed to OTP for the complimentary lunch and meeting with the FB Manager. The FB Manager greeted us when we arrived and had asked their head waiter to take care of our late lunch; they prepared 3 meals instead of 2 with no additional cost to us. The meal was filling and started off with a pumpkin soup (i love this!), grilled chicken with steamed veggies and fruits for dessert. After the tasty lunch, we re-visited the Aurora Ballroom accompanied by the OTP head waiter. When we got to the place, we were able to envision the set-up of the venue and thought of other stuff we can include to perk up the place. We pretty much covered everything and just needed a confirmation from our AE and the FB Manager.

The width of the hallway going to the ballroom

The cocktails area, in case we will have one.

Convy of our options.

We met the FB manager after the ballroom inspection and were very pleased with all his suggestions/recommendations for the reception, these are those that we know of but were thinking it may add up on our cost fortunately he gave it at to us for free! I gladly jot down these suggestions and was already thinking where we can include this in the program. We also cleared up the inspiration setting we sent him for the ballroom and I'm so happy to know that it was all doable. Yippeee! I just hope that he can deliver, we will see then. We ended the meeting with an agreement that he will get back to us on our requests.

And we mean business... hahaha serious!

After OTP, we went to Rowena’s since I can’t go home without my blueberry tart cheesecake (yummy!). It was a long day indeed and so we decided to chill out for a while at Starbucks Paseo de Sta Rosa, of course coffee is on me for being late ^_^ still its great to relax after a long and very productive day.

Monday, November 30, 2009

an early year-ender part 1

It's a month away from 2010 and yet I'm already writing on my year-ender accomplishments for the wedding preps. I feel that we have accomplished a lot in the past 3 months, actually we've covered around 70% already ^_^ super glad that I have a very cooperative h2b! So how was the month of November after the proposal? Check out our weekly accomplishments:

November 14 - H2b and I invited my dad for dinner at House of Wagyu in Podium, it's the day we will ask for his blessing. While waiting for our dinner i started talking and talking and talking to ease things up and make them both comfortable with each other. After a sumptuous dinner of pumpkin soup, baked oysters, salad, wagyu steak and seabass h2b started the talk about our plan to get married. My dad has a hint already and so was just waiting for us to tell him ourselves. He even suggested ninong and ninong for our wedding. I really appreciate how he welcomes h2b to the family. Love yah Pa!


November 21 - On this day I plan to source out suppliers for the flowers, so my close friend Rina accompanied me to Dangwa. I was stunned on the number of florist in the area but was pleased to learn a lot about flowers and floral arrangements for the church to reception . Little did I know that sourcing a florist is really a tedious task, as I need to know the flowers and arrangement for each of my entourage from MOH to flower girls, sponsors and moms. Though I was pretty sure what I want for my bouquet, pure Ecuadorian roses! Good thing Rina was there to help me decide. We have to choose from half bouquet or pomander or wrist corsage or the usual corsage and the flowers that will go for each. We need to think of how I would like the reception to look like, the photo albums of the florist helped though. We left Dangwa with an idea on the cost and some sort of final flowers for the entourage.

After Dangwa, we went straight to Megamall for the "Before I Do Bridal Fair" as we want to check out the suppliers in the event and who knows we might book somebody. We met h2b in the area and immediately told him of the probable cost we will spend on the flowers, his answer: "mahal naman! sayang lang malalanta lang after" which I understand, but but if I can get away with it why not? Hehehe

So us 3: me, h2b and Rins went around Megatrade to visit first the florist booths and quite a number of them has a package we can choose from. With an idea of the ento flowers + church arrangement rates I thought already of pursuing the Tagaytay florist since the packages I got doesn't seem to fit my intended budget plus the OOT might even spike up the total cost.

It's around 30 minutes before closing when we saw the florist that I want to check out in Dangwa but their store was closed.

Its a sign: What are the chances of the photos displayed on his laptop is the setting/styling we want for our reception!

My h2b was ecstatic when he saw it and so I immediately asked about the package, with this that flowers for me and my entourage and the church set-up. The price given to us was Dangwa-price, I think it was quite reasonable but still way beyond our budget.

Groom-to-be & Bride-to-be Instinct: At first we want to think things over and review everything that's how we do things on this big project of ours. But during the conversation with the owner with their 2 bookings on our date already and can just accommodate 3 plus what he can add to our event with price of Php xxxxx ^_^ h2b right then and there decided that it's a GO. So he went to the bank to withdraw the DP, he called me while he is there just to confirm, I can feel his excitement but at the same time wants to check out if I'm ok with it. Sweet! So when he got back to the booth, the owners prepared the contract (we were the last to booked them that day) and viola we have our Florist/Stylist!!!

here's a peak of what I want for my bouquet:

Flowers for the bride, entourage and church - CHECK!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the reel-real proposal

Last Oct 31, 2009 my boyfriend of more than two years finally proposed. Yey! Before I tell the rest of the story, I want to share the long anticipation for this moment and what my h2b did to keep the suspense alive.

A few months back we always talked about engagement rings, I told him that the reversible Bvulgari with onyx and diamond will do ^_^ (I super like that ring and will definitely buy it when I get a chance!) but of course his answer is a big ‘NO’. But he made bawi with the faux engagement/statement rings and proposes with not just once but eight times:

RING #1: The first proposal happened when we were on our way home, we were talking about the wedding and the engagement ring when he jokingly placed a big screw on my ring finger and popped the question. Of course I did not accept! I don't have a photo of the screw since it was in the car that was sold already, i don't like it anyway it's heavy and cold.

RING #2: After meeting a coordinator in Starbucks 6750, the engagement ring talk came up again and so gave birth to the second proposal using a straw from Starbucks Coffee. I refuse to accept still.

RING #3: The most painful of all rings! We were having dinner at Mini-stop (those days when we just want to hang out for a while in budget before going to the terminal) when he pulled out this part of the cap and popped the question. With some scratch on my ring finger i gently said "NO".

RING #4: He asked me to close my eyes and he put something on my ring finger, I thought it was another round thing but was thrilled and touched that it's a real ring, not the engagement ring engagement ring but I still give him A for effort. Hehe!

RING #5: My h2b is getting good at these proposal thing when he popped the question (without feelings haha!) again with purple beads fashionable statement ring. I really laughed when i received it because it't the second time closer to the real thing!

RING #6: My favorite of all rings aside from the real one, I can't really recall how he gave it to me but it's probably one of those times when we were going home already. It's quite big and very recognizable, fits most of the clothes that I wear. I always wear it on my index finger, as advised by one of our boss'(mind you he's a guy with a good eye on these stuff)

RING #7: The last and final of all faux engagement ring, thank God! ^_^

RING #8: The perfect number and the perfect ring. If you look at it closely, you see a regular princess cut but what made it so special is the effort that my h2b poured to search for it. He asked friends who recently got engaged, read articles on choosing a diamond and went out his way to ask people who has connection to jewelers. It may not be Bvlgari or Tiffany's but it just perfect that way it is. So how did he proposed?

H2b asked me out for dinner, he asked it in a very normal way but I still thought that this might be it. So Oct 30th, the day Santi visited Manila, we went to Powerplant looked for a resto then finally decided to dine at C2. After a very satisfying meal, oh by the way I super love the Bibingka Souffle it's sinful and satisfying - try it, I thought "tagal hmm I might be wrong again". So I let go of the idea and just enjoyed the movie after.

When we arrived at my place it was Oct 31st already, I told him to go home immediately since it was raining hard. I was worried that he'll be stranded but my naturally stubborn h2b stayed for awhile. While we were outside the house he asked me how the night was, its been a while since he asked me this, my heart was pounding already when I told him that I had a good time. Then he pulled something on his pocket, went down on his knees and popped the question. I was still caught off guard and my mind went blank! Though I have thought about it, being in the real situation is way way different but I still managed to accept and utter "Yeeess".

here's the group pic of my engagement rings:

After the looong wait, the engagement is almost official. ^_^ why almost? We have to tell my Dad about our plans and get his blessing then when we can say to everyone that "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding Coordinator / Planner

One necessity for a wedding that all bride-to-be's now consider is a Coordinator, particularly the On-The-Day Coordinator. On the Day Coordinator as the name implies will start 1 month to 2 months before your wedding date. The Bride's chosen coordinator will check everything that has been accomplished and other wedding needs that has to be done. They give ideas on reception program, reception/venue styling moreover they are the bride’s best friend on the wedding day, who will give a stress free and organize wedding that as if it’s a super event. Some resource you can find on the net are:

As a bride to be who wants to stick on her budget, choosing the right coordinator was a long process. I met seven (7) coordinators, some offered rates that's within our set budget, some has good feedback from different wedding resource site, and some has been in the industry for quite some time whom can easily lead you to the right suppliers or even get you a discounted rate. Here’s our experience on the seven coordinators we met and how we were able to choose the right OTD Coordinator for us:

Coordinator #1: She responds fast, really fast. She has 5 coordinators on the day and is well experienced on this kind of event. When we met her she already shared some ideas we can do for our wedding. If my budget permits I will definitely get her as she has tie-ups with other suppliers as well but the rates were too much for our set budget.

Coordinator #2: They were recommended by some w@w members, though they have mix feedback on the group we still met with them. They have 5 coordinators on the day and have mug or planner freebie for the couple upon booking. When we met them, they gave a hard copy of the services of OTD Coordination; they barely talked and only do so when we asked them some questions. The OTD rate was ok but the Out of Town (OOT) was way way high, considering it will only be gas and toll expenses. This one is immediately out of the list.

Coordinator #3: I really liked Coordinator #3, initial talks really went well and they responded fast too. They have 5 coordinators on the day, they are experienced and rate was exactly as we budget it. When we met one of their coordinators, she has a presentation material in a clear book and walked us through the inclusion of OTD Coordination. I find her easy to talk and would like to get her services already but after a few days I was informed that the OOT rate was higher due to recent oil price increase and so it goes beyond our budget.

Coordinator #4: This Coordinator is new in the wedding business but handled several weddings of relatives and friends. Her rate is the lowest of all that I have encountered, she has tie-ups with other suppliers and will have 5 coordinators on the day. A former officemate of mine was one of her partner. During our meeting, she walked us through the inclusion of the OTD Coordination. She is ma-chika and seems easy to talk to. I was turned off though when she did not respond for a few days on some of my queries but I’m still considering her because of her offering.

Coordinator #5: Coordinator #5 is the one that we almost booked. On our initial meeting I can already see how OC they are and they promptly respond to my queries via email. They have 4 coordinators on the day and their OTD and OOT rate is acceptable. After a few weeks of weighing our options we decided to get them. On the day of our contract signing though, there were some mixed up on the contract and we discovered that they’re gas and toll expenses is not included in the OOT rate and RSVP is not part of the actual rate. So, h2b and I had second thoughts.

Coordinator #6: Prior to deciding Coordinator #5 we met with #6 as they have good feedback as well. Though we gave her a short notice, this Coordinator still met us in Makati even if she came from her QC work. She is experienced, has lots of ideas, has worked with a lot of suppliers and has an OTD rate that is within our budget. They have 5 coordinators on the day and will give freebie gifts for the female entourage. H2b liked her and there’s a possibility that we will work with her.

Coordinator #7: After we declined the services of Coordinator #5, I'm on the look out for the 2nd batch of coordinators we will meet. We scheduled a meeting with Coordinator #7, when we met she seems well prepared as they have this powerpoint prezo shown to us, though her laptop’s battery died down she have hard copy of the presentation. They have 4 coordinators on the day, they don’t have OOT and just charged you the actual gas and toll expense. The OTD rate offered is low, pretty close to what Coordinator #4 offers, since they are still starting in the business. They coordinated one wedding when we met them but have a few bookings already, they have 5 for December. After our meeting, h2b and I re-visit our excel sheet of budget. They really will make our budget sheet look good ^_^ and we have a few to spare for other suppliers we are considering like the Lights and Sounds. So after that review, I called them up and made a few adjustments to include RSVP and we’re set. December 2010 is still 13 months to go and with the bookings they have, by then they are really experienced or might have additional man power to join them on our wedding day.

It took us months to decide but finally one big check off on our suppliers list. One down 5 more suppliers to go!

All suppliers I will book hereon will be revealed on our wedsite. Launching of our wedsite is 12 months before 12/17/10.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twelve-Seventeen-Ten : Hollywood Movie Premiere

One of the exciting parts of the wedding prep is choosing the right theme and motif. It gives direction to the planning and inspiration to beautify almost everything that is related, from the entourage gown, to table set-up, invitation, save-the-date, reception styling and wedding favors.

Ours was something that just popped one R&R weekend when my h2b's creative juices poured in. He suggested a Hollywood Movie theme, we both enjoy the movies and it has been our bonding and past time ever since we started dating. Having a Hollywood style theme is like having an Oscar Awards night with red carpet, paparazzi, all the glitz and glam, I thought that it would be too hard to pull off such idea and so we made the theme a little lighter... a "Hollywood Movie Premiere". If you Google a Movie premiere it will still be the same red carpet treatment, less glitz, less glam but still leaves the guests bedazzled by the limelight and sophistication.

A Hollywood themed wedding only calls for elegance and class, to complete the theme we opted for midnight black, pearl white and velvet red motif. The main colors are black and white and then accentuated by velvet red.

After days of research I found some inspiration boards that will help us rouse things up:

IB #1

IB #2

IB #3

IB #5

Most boards that I found are Old Hollywood style or pertaining to a specific film, I haven't really encountered a Movie Premiere style. It will be a lot of work, research and DIY's for us and as the directors, producers and main cast of this event we just wish to share with our family and friends a celebration... Holywood style!

Release date: 12-17-10

Monday, August 31, 2009

Bride-to-Be's Wedsites

Being a w@w member you will get to know a lot of bride to be's and aside from helping other w@wies, they also share their own wedding party, wedding suppliers, ratings on suppliers and everything wedding related through their wedsites.

Locally, top choices of wedsites are or Any B2b doesn't have to be tech-savvy to build their own sites because these wedsites are intuitive and very user friendly. This two popular wedsites has its own distinctive features:

My Wedding
1. You can assign a wedpass so only people you have authorized can access your wed page.
2. Lots of templates to choose from.
3. You can add at least 4 custom pages.
4. Very user friendly interface

1. They have a counter til the day of your wedding
2. The planning tools is easily accesible.
3. You can add lots and lots of custom pages.
4. They also have password enable pages or whole site

As of now, I use both since I'm on the early stage of preps and I dont have a lot to put in the wedsite yet. But I assure you most of the Filipino wedsites is a really good reference in searching for suppliers, ideas also wedding tips. Continue to visit this site as I will keep on posting other wedsite links that can be of assistance to bride to be's.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Delightful August

The month of August has been the most exciting and busy month for us. We were able to accomplished a lot of stuff for our wedding and for the after married life as well.

Aside from the church, we were able to booked our official P/V "Smartshots studio" during th Weddings and Beyong Expo last Aug 22. Before booking, I had to think really hard if this ok with me already. I know we don't have a big budget and we don't have the luxury to acquire different services for Photography and Videography but the freebies included is quite hard to resist, and so after dinner we went back to the event and paid the DP to officially book Dec 17, 2010. The senior photographers' works were presented to us, we chose the style of Ed Sermona.

Afterwards, I still tend to think if we really got a good supplier for P/V or I should have waited and asked the w@wies or GTs first. Eventually I said to myself that we will be ok, we got a good deal and a price that fits our budget.

Then the venue, we are close to paying the DP for our reception. We are finalizing some things in the contract and then we're good and can close this deal. I am so glad that even though I'm so OC and makulit on this kind of stuff our Sales Rep for the venue is still very accommodating. We will just have the contract reviewed this weekend, then off to booking by next week. Yey!

Aside from the reservations of the major stuff, i still do some research of the rest of the things we will need. We have met with 2 OTD Coordinators and still looking for someone who can give a good offer of quality and cost. I told my h2b that for a coordinator, I actually want to see 3 things:
1. Good rates
2. Good reviews from GT and W@W
3. Good rapport with us. Someone who you can see as genuinely willing to help you and not that this is another business deal.

Hopefully, we will be able to book our OTD coordinator soon as I have 2 others scheduled to meet next week.

H2b has a friend who does professional make-up and so he inquired on the rates. It's in the above average range on PF i think, and so I have not decided on it yet. What I like about her is the experience on the airbrush make-up which I want to try! I have done some research on other HMUA also, so I really need to meet and review.

I am very fortunate to have friends who helped me research and decide on the perfect gown for my wedding. Since they know me so well, they have an idea what will suit me and what will be appropriate to our theme. They gave me really good options and its quite hard to decide which is which. I told my MOH that this is the next in line to book and so I have asked her to pool a list of couturier if possible with rates then visit them to check out their designs. OR with the handful of gowns that I have downloaded from the net from Monique Lhuillier to Vera Wang inspired we might look for a really good Mananahi in Divi. Go for gown maker is on! Wuhoo!

Lastly Out of Topic: OUR HOME
After searching for almost a year now, we finally made a reservation of our first home ^_^. It's a 43.2 sqm 2-bedroom condo in Sun Valley Paranaque, south area is my soon to be new home. I am so excited and can't wait for us to fix and buy our home furnitures. It will just be a perfect timing, turn over is on 1st quarter of 2011 and the wedding is December 2010.

There goes my exciting August month, of course there are small stuff that were not posted since i don't want to spoil the surprise on our wedding day. I am very lucky to have a partner who is very supportive and cooperative with no complains whenever I set a meeting with supplier and when I drag him to a wedding expo. He is really on the practical side(and doesn't want me to splurge on even just 1 thing on the wedding which I hope he change his mind Hehehe) and he is the brains of the theme though its not rocket science, i still love it!

I know that the next months will be equally as busy, I'm glad that we have our patron/devotion to Mother of Perpetual Help who always always guides us in every step of the way.

Monday, August 24, 2009

One Tagaytay Place Ballroom

As promised to one of my fellow GT and W@W member here are the photos during our ocular in One Tagaytay Place(OTP). OTP is the hotel we are eyeing for the reception, we will also book them for our day before prep. For my family we will get the 3-bedroom Penthouse which is approximately 135 sqm with view of Taal Lake, kitchen, sofa and 3 bedrooms and even a maid's quarter while we will get a 2-bedroom suite for my h2b's family.

I just dont have photos of the rooms though I can assure you that it's really nice. Hope the pics will help you in your prep:

The Reception area is quite small but it has nice interiors.

The Aurora Ballroom: Capacity is 200 pax

Here's the bridge going to the ballroom, other side is the elevator. The ballroom is on the 3rd floor.

There... in case you want to contact them, they have a Manila office. Browse through their websites to check out the rates. The penthouse is not published just inquire on their premiere suites.

One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites
Barrio Sungay, Tagaytay City

Happy prep!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Research research mode

I have been doing some research of wedding suppliers since the day we booked the church errr that's 17 days to be exact. My OCness is keeping with me so i was able to create my own xls file with timeline and suppliers list. (excited daw?? ok kinda but just with Project Management experience first part of project development is planning and of course tools to help you plan well, i guess i have justified myself here haha)

After seeing One Tagaytay Place (OTP) we were able to contact their Manila office and was able to meet one of their Sales Representative. She sent her initial proposal and after a few revisions, we were able to get our ideal cost for the hotel with the use of ballroom, food, use of bridal car, free fondant cake, the accomodation of both our families and the entourage. We are happy with the rates they gave and so we requested for the contract already, we will just have this reviewed and then off to 2nd booking. I'm so excited to book this place, it will be less hassle for us on that special day.

The church and venue is just two of the major things we have to think about and do some early booking. Right after this two, we will check out the P/V and Couturier suppliers. The other day though, I have this sudden feel to look for an OTD coordinator and so I have listed a few and met one of them yesterday. She was helpful and carefully listens to what we want for the wedding, she even mentioned that the budget we have in mind is reasonable for a December destination wedding. I then realized the value of having a coordinator, they will help you book suppliers and give you low rates to fit your budget, they have lots of ideas and recommendations and of course they make your life easier on the prep stage and the special day itself.

So now, i'm on the look out for a good coordinator. A coordinator who doesnt only have good rates but someone who has good rapport with us as well.

Weee....Coordinator hunt is on...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our 1st Booking

When we have decided on our church, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Tagaytay, I wanted to reserve the date right away. Having a peak month and a destination wedding we might not be able to book the date and time that we want. So I called the parish office last Friday (Aug 7) to pencil reserve our preferred date: December 10, 2010 at 3PM, lo and behold the date was already booked by another couple just last Aug 5. I was really disappointed and tried calling h2b several times so I can let out my grumbling feelings but he was still in their planning session then. It had to take 2 cigs to calm me down and of course a few venting out from the people who knows the plan. When h2b had the chance to call me, my voice almost cracked because of the weak feeling and like a kid I told him “sabi sa’yo I book na natin ng maaga” almost into tears. Eventually I got over it, I had to! With a realization that it’s just a date, the wedding is still on anyway. Though it would really be nice if everything will work out as planned but anyway moving forward.

H2b and I went to Tagaytay to finally reserve a date, which we will still check what is available, we were really surprised on the number of reservations already for December 2010, as in couples are really planning 16-18 months ahead. Initially, he wants the 12/11/10 date unfortunately the only available slot is 9AM, which won’t fit to the theme that we want. So after several discussions on the dates: 12/3/10 or 12/17/10 we opt for the 12/17/10 to give us enough room to prepare. So the parish secretary, Haylene ink reserved the date and gave us the forms we should fill-out. There were questions like “Why do you want to get married” and “Why do want to have children?” which was pretty hard, hmm I wonder if the questions on the canonical interview will be harder. Afterwards, we paid the downpayment of Php 5K, while the rest will be paid 2 months before the wedding. She also discussed to us the requirements which we should start arranging 6 months before the wedding, mostly documents. The number of things to do is quite overwhelming but Haylene was accommodating enough and even gave me misallete as a reference, this is intended to be one of our DIYs.

So there it is our wedding date: 12/17/10, the feeling was like being engaged. ^_^ like we are really on the next stage of our relationship, this is it!

After the church, we went to One Tagaytay Place to check out the area, the staffs were friendly and showed us the ballroom and the different rooms they have. The grand ballroom looks pretty grand, the rooms are cozy and the price is pretty reasonable for couples who like us have a decided budget. Comparing to the other venue we have in mind, Summit Ridget, IMHO One Tagaytay has nicer rooms and ballroom while Summit Ridge has an elegant façade and receiving area. On the cost however there’s quite an x thousands difference which I will still have to really look into.

Then we had our lunch/dinner at Greek Taverna after the ocular in One Tagaytay Place. Of course we talked about the productive day and tons of tasks we should do, he felt overwhelmed ^_^ which is just normal. He wants us to decide on the venue already, now he knows that if we don’t book early we might loose the good and reasonable venues we have in mind hmm probably a lesson learned on the preferred date (teehee). So I’ll set a schedule with the sales rep of One Tagaytay and check the final package, if things go well we might book them already. I just really have to compare our two preferred hotels.

Next in my To Dos:

§ Prepare the wedding timeline so that h2b and I are always on the same page and we will know our next steps.

§ Consolidate the suppliers so we can better check the rates.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Signs

Our first time in this Tagaytay church was quite an experience. After hearing mass, we got in the car and then an old dried leaf fell beside the passenger seat, it was so unique that we thought its a sign to get married in that church.

1st Sign: But as we go along, there were some ideas of having a garden wedding and eventually a beach wedding. We are almost decided on having a Boracay beach wedding when h2b tried to fish the reaction of my soon-to-be MIL. The reaction was not that ok so we decided to scrapped the idea and go back to the original plan, that to hold the wedding in Tagaytay.

2nd Sign: Since we are almost decided on the church h2b inquired about the rates, when I heard about it and comparing it with the rates of Churches in Manila, I thought it was pretty high. So I checked out other church in the area just to have an idea and maybe we can better weigh our options. I researched for Chapel on the Hill and Caleruega, and was surprised to find out that they have a much higher rate, around Php 15K that only includes use of the chapel. This made me think that our first choice still stands reasonably.

3rd Sign: After being convinced on what I feel are the guide or signs, there was a 3rd reason to really solidify the decision of holding the once in a lifetime event on this church. After the Sunday mass, my Mom went to this nearby store in our parish, she wants to buy an imagery of Mama Mary for my sister's house. There were only two imagery Mt. Carmel and Our Lady of Lourdes. My Mom chose the Our Lady of Lourdes and with amusement, I just said to myself, no more questions, no more hesitations.

We will go to Tagaytay(again) to have the ink reservation at the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. We will book the date before h2b leaves so we don’t have to worry if it will still be available.

I really believe that we are guided in all our plans; I feel that everything will work out fine. ^_^

Thursday, July 30, 2009

No proposal....yet

Yup you read it right...NO PROPOSAL...YET....

BUT...we have set the date(12/10/10), have a plan for the theme and the pre-nup, have chosen the church and have a venue and caterer in mind. Maybe because it's just really practical to plan early and if you are really sure with the person you are with, the proposal can come later.
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