Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding Coordinator / Planner

One necessity for a wedding that all bride-to-be's now consider is a Coordinator, particularly the On-The-Day Coordinator. On the Day Coordinator as the name implies will start 1 month to 2 months before your wedding date. The Bride's chosen coordinator will check everything that has been accomplished and other wedding needs that has to be done. They give ideas on reception program, reception/venue styling moreover they are the bride’s best friend on the wedding day, who will give a stress free and organize wedding that as if it’s a super event. Some resource you can find on the net are:

As a bride to be who wants to stick on her budget, choosing the right coordinator was a long process. I met seven (7) coordinators, some offered rates that's within our set budget, some has good feedback from different wedding resource site, and some has been in the industry for quite some time whom can easily lead you to the right suppliers or even get you a discounted rate. Here’s our experience on the seven coordinators we met and how we were able to choose the right OTD Coordinator for us:

Coordinator #1: She responds fast, really fast. She has 5 coordinators on the day and is well experienced on this kind of event. When we met her she already shared some ideas we can do for our wedding. If my budget permits I will definitely get her as she has tie-ups with other suppliers as well but the rates were too much for our set budget.

Coordinator #2: They were recommended by some w@w members, though they have mix feedback on the group we still met with them. They have 5 coordinators on the day and have mug or planner freebie for the couple upon booking. When we met them, they gave a hard copy of the services of OTD Coordination; they barely talked and only do so when we asked them some questions. The OTD rate was ok but the Out of Town (OOT) was way way high, considering it will only be gas and toll expenses. This one is immediately out of the list.

Coordinator #3: I really liked Coordinator #3, initial talks really went well and they responded fast too. They have 5 coordinators on the day, they are experienced and rate was exactly as we budget it. When we met one of their coordinators, she has a presentation material in a clear book and walked us through the inclusion of OTD Coordination. I find her easy to talk and would like to get her services already but after a few days I was informed that the OOT rate was higher due to recent oil price increase and so it goes beyond our budget.

Coordinator #4: This Coordinator is new in the wedding business but handled several weddings of relatives and friends. Her rate is the lowest of all that I have encountered, she has tie-ups with other suppliers and will have 5 coordinators on the day. A former officemate of mine was one of her partner. During our meeting, she walked us through the inclusion of the OTD Coordination. She is ma-chika and seems easy to talk to. I was turned off though when she did not respond for a few days on some of my queries but I’m still considering her because of her offering.

Coordinator #5: Coordinator #5 is the one that we almost booked. On our initial meeting I can already see how OC they are and they promptly respond to my queries via email. They have 4 coordinators on the day and their OTD and OOT rate is acceptable. After a few weeks of weighing our options we decided to get them. On the day of our contract signing though, there were some mixed up on the contract and we discovered that they’re gas and toll expenses is not included in the OOT rate and RSVP is not part of the actual rate. So, h2b and I had second thoughts.

Coordinator #6: Prior to deciding Coordinator #5 we met with #6 as they have good feedback as well. Though we gave her a short notice, this Coordinator still met us in Makati even if she came from her QC work. She is experienced, has lots of ideas, has worked with a lot of suppliers and has an OTD rate that is within our budget. They have 5 coordinators on the day and will give freebie gifts for the female entourage. H2b liked her and there’s a possibility that we will work with her.

Coordinator #7: After we declined the services of Coordinator #5, I'm on the look out for the 2nd batch of coordinators we will meet. We scheduled a meeting with Coordinator #7, when we met she seems well prepared as they have this powerpoint prezo shown to us, though her laptop’s battery died down she have hard copy of the presentation. They have 4 coordinators on the day, they don’t have OOT and just charged you the actual gas and toll expense. The OTD rate offered is low, pretty close to what Coordinator #4 offers, since they are still starting in the business. They coordinated one wedding when we met them but have a few bookings already, they have 5 for December. After our meeting, h2b and I re-visit our excel sheet of budget. They really will make our budget sheet look good ^_^ and we have a few to spare for other suppliers we are considering like the Lights and Sounds. So after that review, I called them up and made a few adjustments to include RSVP and we’re set. December 2010 is still 13 months to go and with the bookings they have, by then they are really experienced or might have additional man power to join them on our wedding day.

It took us months to decide but finally one big check off on our suppliers list. One down 5 more suppliers to go!

All suppliers I will book hereon will be revealed on our wedsite. Launching of our wedsite is 12 months before 12/17/10.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twelve-Seventeen-Ten : Hollywood Movie Premiere

One of the exciting parts of the wedding prep is choosing the right theme and motif. It gives direction to the planning and inspiration to beautify almost everything that is related, from the entourage gown, to table set-up, invitation, save-the-date, reception styling and wedding favors.

Ours was something that just popped one R&R weekend when my h2b's creative juices poured in. He suggested a Hollywood Movie theme, we both enjoy the movies and it has been our bonding and past time ever since we started dating. Having a Hollywood style theme is like having an Oscar Awards night with red carpet, paparazzi, all the glitz and glam, I thought that it would be too hard to pull off such idea and so we made the theme a little lighter... a "Hollywood Movie Premiere". If you Google a Movie premiere it will still be the same red carpet treatment, less glitz, less glam but still leaves the guests bedazzled by the limelight and sophistication.

A Hollywood themed wedding only calls for elegance and class, to complete the theme we opted for midnight black, pearl white and velvet red motif. The main colors are black and white and then accentuated by velvet red.

After days of research I found some inspiration boards that will help us rouse things up:

IB #1

IB #2

IB #3

IB #5

Most boards that I found are Old Hollywood style or pertaining to a specific film, I haven't really encountered a Movie Premiere style. It will be a lot of work, research and DIY's for us and as the directors, producers and main cast of this event we just wish to share with our family and friends a celebration... Holywood style!

Release date: 12-17-10

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