Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Girls' Headpiece

Finally found some headpiece that my girls can wear on the BIG "D"!

I took some pics of the hats, but plans to add some red feathers to keep up with the hints of red motif.

Maids of Honor headpiece

Bridesmaids Headpiece

Secondary Sponsor's headpiece

The female entourage will wear black dresses for MOH, top black bottom white dresses for the Bridesmaids, and top white bottom black dresses for the Secondary Sponsors.

Aside from the headpiece, the girls will wear black open toes / strappy shoes and lace gloves.

Excited to see them all prettified ... i'm sure they will all look fab!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trial Hair and Make Up

I scheduled a trial hair and make up session with Angie Cruz last Oct 30 since it's also the day of our engagement session with Smartshots.

Angie and his hair stylist, Ogie, were supposed to go to the venue but since there's no appropriate ventilation in our chosen place they requested me to drop by at the Shu Uemura Studio in Rockwell. As usual, when I got there I look so stressed and haggard, gosh I just can't imagine on the actual day of the wedding I'm sure I'll look like a zombie since I can't sleep when I'm excited. But then again, Angie and Ogie's magic works for me that day and I instantly look fresh.

Here are some of the photos:

Here's a photo taken 6 hours after... no re-touch, I just blot my head and cheeks to remove the shiny spots.

I love the make-up even if I did not opt for airbrush. I think I will stick to the traditional since the re-touch before the reception is included in the package, a second look will most likely be done. Thanks Angie and Ogie for making me fab for the shoot! Excited to be a radiant bride on Dec 17th!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Checklist 12.17.2010

Update of our list as of 10.27.2010 exactly 51 days before the Big Day!

Bridal Gown: checked!
Bridal Shoes:
Bridal Garter:
Bride's Jewelry:
Bridal Headpieces/Veil:
Bridesmaid dresses: checked!
Bridesmaid accessories:
Groom's attire: checked!
Groom's shoes: checked!
Groomsmen coat and tie:

Church: checked!
Bible: checked!
Wedding Rings: checked!
Offertory candles:
Unity Cord:
Bearers' pillow:
Arrhae: checked!
Sponsor's pen:

Venue and Caterer: checked!
Cake: checked!
Dessert Bar: checked!
Lights & Sounds: checked!

Monogram: checked!
Invitations: checked!
Save-the-Date: checked!
Misalette: checked!
Table Numbers: checked!
Menu Card:
Place Card:
Escort Car:

Bride's bouquet: checked!
Bridesmaids' and Primary Sponsors' bouquet: checked!
Boutonniere: checked!
Reception centerpieces: checked!
Aisle flower: checked!
Throw away bouquet: checked!
Rose petals: checked!
Bridal car: checked!

E-session shoot: checked!
Photo: checked!
Video: checked!
Back-Up: checked!

Gifts & Favors
Principal Sponsors: checked!
Entourage: checked!
Guests: checked!

Marriage License: checked!
HMUA: checked!
OTD: checked!
Hotel preps: checked!
Bridal Car: checked!
Wedding motif: checked!
Transportation: checked!

Air fare:
Hotel Accommodation:

Hope we can complete the smallest details needed by this month, less pressure please...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sharing: Monogram and Save The Date

The countdown says: 65 days to go.

As our big day gets nearer, we were able to finish some of the gazillion stuff for the wedding. I am posting 2 of the designs we were able to complete.

Here's the monogram created by my h2b. It took us several concepts, arguments and survey before I finally OK'd this design. I find it very elegant, the touch of our motif and the fonts used are just perfect.
When I realized that the invitation is to be sent later than what I scheduled, I just need to prepare an STD. I had seen this concept from one of the wedding blog I browsed before, actually I have tons and tons of inspiration. I changed the content, colors, some of the approach and viola! Here's the cutie monogram I created overnight ^_^

As they say, never underestimate the power of classic. Modern, bold and graphic, the drama is in the bold mix of the masculine and feminine monochrome.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wed Update.... 4 months to go

I miss browsing wedding websites and supplier's update, hope to do more of this by next week and more more by September...

So here's the update for the last 2 months...

HMUA Last month I was able to book my HMUA, a friend will handle the entourage make-up but for me I chose Angie Cruz and Ogie Royale. HMUA is one of the most hard to find as you will relay on the photos online and feedback of other brides. I am very particular in getting HMUA as all your photos will reflect your pretty or horrible look. Angie has good feedback, all positive. He is also easy to talk to, I mentioned my budget and he immediately agreed, wala ng kiyeme! He's also very flexible when I made some request. What more can I ask for? An A-class HMUA that is very nice and accommodating. Let's see on the day itself... I'm pretty confident he'll do a good job.

Entourage and Groom's Outfit. The Entourage guidelines is finally complete and we were able to book Amonn Velasco for the gowns and groom's tuxedo. He offers a pretty good package and some of the people I know got him as well. Hope he stands up to our expectation, he really has a lot of clients. He's responds to email naman and if you want quick answer text him instead.

Pre-nup with Friends. Our first pre-nup shoot, most of our friends came and so we had a gang to help us with the things we need.

Reception program. Our program for the reception will be done by a good friend of mine, as another close friend will do the hosting. He's done with the script and I'm excited to discuss it with him, hopefully we'll have some time next week.

Reception set-up. We will meet with our florist and OTP for the hotel set-up next week, it has been postponed several times... hopefully this time no other conflicts will arise. Have to research for the set-up of the place though...

On the other hand, physical activities are picking up... aside from once a month fun run and regular running at Ayala Triangle or the treadmill, I usually join my fiancé every Thursday to play badminton. My love for yoga couldn't be swayed and so I just had to enroll again. At first I had a hard time managing my time as I'm supposed to take Saturday classes in Ortigas, but Saturdays are sacred for longer sleep. So for 3 weeks now, I consistently join the Wednesday morning class at Yoga Manila Makati Studio and been trying to practice 3-4x a week at home.

BUT This week I've been very lousy with my diet because of lots of work and stress, I need to get back on track and really focus as I only have 4 months left. Busy or not, stressed or not, I need to think of the healthy option! Always! So I'll try to have a quick blog from time to time of my daily healthier routine to give myself more pressure!
Target? 122lbs by Dec 1, 2010. Current: 136lbs. Lbs to loose: 14lbs.
Go go go!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

quick update... 6 months before the big D

At almost 6 months before the wedding, we are slowly but continuously making progress on the preparation.

Yesterday, we met with one of the probable entourage couturier. I inquired and met some already but either they have a high basic rate or I don't like their style. I scheduled the visit with this couturier a few weeks back, but since my maid of honor and I only have this weekend free we made sure to seriously meet shortlisted designers.
He was very accommodating, gave suggestions on our ideas and has a rate that perfectly fits the budget. After meeting him, my MOH and I discussed over coffee the overall rating for this designer. She liked him and hopefully all our female entourage will feel the same.

My fiancé has been working hard on the task assigned to him. The monogram has been approved (by me of course!) and he's currently working on the invitation design. Target to complete this is June.

Overall, here's what we've accomplished
1. Church - Check
2. Reception (Venue and Caterer) - Check
3. Accommodation - Check
4. P/V - Check
5. BU P/V - Check
6. Bridal and Mom's Gown -Check
7. Lights and Sounds - Check
8. Choir - Check
9. Bridal Car - Check
10. Church and Entourage Flowers - Check

Our line-up of To-do's
1. Book HMUA
2. Book Entourage Couturier
3. Buy Wedding Rings
4. Buy Suit for the groom to be
5. Finalize invitation design
6. Print invitation
7. Prepare required documents for Church
8. Pre-nups and STD
9. Decide on PS, Entourage and Parents gifts

The list makes me want to panic... but still for 201 days, i think we have time to complete every to-dos and wish list and so... Good luck to us!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fit to Wed

It's exactly 230 days before the big day, while the numbers are going down so should our weight. When you look at us (h2b and me) we are not super big, thank God or else i should have done this blog entry a year ahead, but still photos and videos somehow put some weight on you and so we should loose that extra pounds to look good on the captured moments.

And what is the cheapest and fun way to loose weight? Running. H2b and I will join our first ever Fun Run this coming May 16 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

To prepare for this, we jog/run almost everyday. I do this at home in the morning using the treadmill as I have a very unpredictable schedule at work, though not the ideal place to jog it's still is the most convenient and practical way. H2b is the opposite, he wants to run after work, around 6PM onwards and do it at the park. Though we don't practice and train together, in the end, we will still be together at the tournament. He will be competing on the 10K while I'm on the 5K.

Aside from running, we lessen our bad food intake but still have our cheat day so we don't deprive ourselves on simple pleasures.

It will still be a long way but with a supportive partner, focus and discipline we will be a fab couple on the big day! Go! Go!

For more info on the event:
CHASE THE SUN: The Neutrogena Run 2010
May 15, 2010
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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