Saturday, April 17, 2010

Food Tasting - April 17, 2010

Exactly 8 months before the big day, we had our food tasting in One Tagaytay Place. We scheduled the activity around 11AM so we have enough time to savor the food and the azalea resto wouldn't be crowded yet. H2b and FMIL(future mother in law ^_^) arrived early, we're a few minutes late due to traffic and road developments in south super highway, i hope that would be fixed before December or else our guests will have to schedule 2 hours travel time to Tagaytay, Mama, Sam and Gab was with us so the whole gang is present.

Upon arrival, we we're lead to a small and private room assisted by the Banquet Manager, Marivic and the ever attentive Capt waiter, Ariel. They greeted us with the first dish, the soup, we chose pumpkin because we had a preview of its taste during our first dine at Azalea and we loved it instantly. I forgot to take pictures of each dish served as we were too engrossed with the tasting, feedback and will-be-presentation of each but I was able to capture the complete serving: salad, assorted cold cuts, green beans, pasta marinara, poach fish and roasted chicken. We had minor comments on each serving, as the taste is already neutral; my taste bud is on the saltier side so I think all of it lacks salt hehe. The dessert, frozen layered mango, is the one I’m quite hesitant of. It’s not that sweet though I feel it’s too normal, though I am still working on something for the dessert it would still be best if it’s out of the ordinary.
Pumpkin soup

cold cuts, salad, veggies, pasta, fish and chicken

After the food tasting, we met the cake supplier – Sweet Solutions Café is the accredited bakeshop of OTP based in Imus, Cavite. Our AE for SSC, Sharon, bought some brownies and mini cake for taste test. I love everything she brought, the brownie and carrot cake is moist enough and not too sweet, just the way I like it (sugar free please!). We had a few requirements for the cake but right then and there she called the owner and confirmed that all requests can be done. Super happy! So far no additional charges, since we’re ok on the 3rd layer to be the only edible part. I have to send her our inspiration cake though and the topper we want.

brownies and mini carrot cake

To make our day even more productive, we met the Bridal Car supplier after SSC. Galing ng OTP AE ko on scheduling, one stop! Robert himself from Don Robert bridal car is the one who met us, Jemike - my h2b, primes the meeting since it’s ‘car talk’ anyway, he showed us the cars left for Dec 17 because most of the vintage cars are already booked! My h2b is choosing from Austin or Mustang, the limo is very nice also but I think it’s too much already. My h2b even requested to Robert if he can drive the Mustang after the ceremony, Robert gladly said yes. H2b became even more excited but photo-op wise, the Austin will stand out totally! We will just check our budget sheet and if it’s still on the green zone then it’s a go for the Austin.

We were supposed to visit the ballroom again so my FMIL can see it but there’s a corporate event ongoing. Good thing we went to the 3rd floor because there are new stuff there that we can use for the wedding set-up. As for the feel, Tagaytay during summer is supposed to feel like a bit of summer, but earlier it’s already cold and windy and we can’t imagine what it would feel like during December.

It was a tiring and yet productive day spent with our beloved moms who shared their precious time doing some wedding preps activity with their panganays. Thanks Mama and Tita Austre!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lessons on Marriage

I got this article from the blog "Practical Pinay Bride" which she also sourced from PDI by Conchita Razon. A great read and reminder for couples:

By Conchita Razon

Raise your glasses and drink a toast to all the courageous souls who bravely step out and defy the sad and cold statistics of marriages that burn up or burn out. God bless them. Onthe verge of a dark and uncertain future, they hold their lights up and dare to believe in forever. In the US, the figures are staggering.. Roughly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Of these, a good 59 percent are couples who have lived in, before marriage. And yet, I read somewhere that most women dream of, at least once in their lifetimes, walking down theaisle "all dressed in white."

Are we giving more thought to the wedding and less to the marriage?

It takes courage to say "I do." Samuel Johnson said it well:"Marriage is the triumph of hope over experience."Asked to impart some words (of wisdom?) to hopeful couples, I can only call on my own battle scars and bruises. After two attempts at "happily ever after," these are some of the lessons I have learned.

I would not try to win every argument. There are no prizes after all. Being right is not really important. Issues do not get resolved if one party retreats into a corner.

I would bite my tongue and not let my anger speak out. Words have away of slipping out, doing irreparable damage and there's no way to take them back. Wit and sarcasm are first cousins. When let loose they create mortal wounds.

Learn to talk to one another. Learn to whisper. It brings you close.

Pray together. Let the third party in your marriage be no one else but God.

There is no wrong time to apologize. Hang your pride on the door post. It isn't true that love means never having to say you're sorry. I would not miss the sweet tender moments of making up, no matter that the pillow is still soaked with your tears.

I would be patient. Two pieces of wood, rubbed thoughtfully one against the other, will produce a spark. And then, with a gentle breath, it bursts into flame. In this day of instant and cyber everything, it is important not to expect love to blaze with a click.

You work at a marriage. There are no shortcuts. There are bumps on theroad. That's no reason to get out of the car. You learn to travel over them, around them, if necessary take another route, but always together.

Tell each other secrets. Build on your trust for one another.

Love is important, but respect is even more so.

Share your dreams. Make plans. Help one another achieve your goals. In spite of a far from commendable track record, I would not give upon love. I would still love with all of me. I know no other way.

They say that a successful marriage begins when we marry the one we love… and blossoms when we love the one we marry. The secret is to fall in love, over and over again, with the same person. Pity. One learns that sometimes a little too late.

Remember: It is not important to think alike, but you must think together. It is not so much the dance, but that you move together to the same music.

Make a million memories.

Take it from me. When the sun starts setting, when friends are few and nights are long, those precious memories will keep you company. They will be your warm blanket on a cold and lonely night. No one and nothing can take them away from you. They are yours always.

Only then will you know that you have found forever.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Non-Negotiable

Every b2b's just got to have one. The non-negotiable is most of the time the bridal gown, it is the no matter what the cost is... the bride should have it!

As I always mention, my h2b is a practical guy. He will never agree on that non-nego for the gown, simply because we have a set budget and it will be impractical to allot a big chunk for a gown that I will wear for one day, oh let me correct that... a few hours. But of course, I still tried then failed, eventually though I found a way to make a deal and now I have an elegant and glamorous gown by compromise. Diskarte ^_^

So if I got my gown through compromise, what's my non-negotiable then? The where and when of our honeymoon ^_^

We will not have a honeymoon immediately after the wedding, so we can still save up and at the same time we will wait until end of March to see this:

Cherry Blossom season is usually late March and early April.

Initially we thought of a tour in the US, but he wants us to go somewhere that is new to both of us, so Japan turned as top of the list. The budget for JP is more reasonable for us and we have friends and relatives who lives in the area and can tour us around. We're not sure yet of the logistics, but most likely we will take PAL and of course it will definitely be TOKYO.

I'm super excited on this trip, I gave up our usual out of town summer getaway to start saving. And of course, it's our first trip as married couple ^_^ Can't wait!!!
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