Sunday, March 28, 2010

God gave me you

I am just fascinated with men who really showed their love to their soon-to-be lifelong partners. Here's an excerpt from a blog site Match Made in Heaven, the story of finding the perfect couturier: "After hearing my hubby's comment, i felt lucky to have him as my husband, coz all he knows is how to make me happy and feel special everyday of our lives especially on our wedding day. All he can think of is how we can pull out our perfect dream wedding, he doesn't care how much we will spend but how much memories will savor after it. He will always tell me that, he wanted only the best for me, he cant settle for anything less, he didn't asked me to be his wife just to give me an ordinary wedding, that I am not the type of girl who deserve an ordinary wedding.. I just felt lucky.. he just loves me.. i cried to sleep thanking God for giving me such a wonderful man."

I guess we're all lucky in our own way because:
- some have partners who give their b2b's dream wedding, no matter what
- some have partners who help their b2b realize the balance of things
- some have partners who supports in every decision of wedding preps
- some have partners who are simply there to listen to rants on supplier but still lets her handle everything
- some have partners who are very hands-on on the preparation

I for one have a partner who is a mix of some of the list above. My h2b is a very practical person but at times he gives in when I make a good deal or I can balance our excel sheet. But every bride-to-be knows that preparing a wedding can be tedious and stressful, well at least that what I feel from time to time especially when I see that the number on my counter starts going down.
I tend to stress myself thinking about the suppliers I like, I want and I have. I seldom feel that "this is it" feeling since I always think of the budget and if it compliments the whole concept. After booking a supplier, most of the time a few days after I will think if they can really deliver and if its really the one I want. Then I will be pacified by my fiance, friends or by the good reviews I read from the forums or w@w.

Then again, the real and deep meaning of all this wedding brouhaha is not just to have a grand dream wedding nor to please anybody but the lifetime union with the person you truly love. So on Dec 17, 2010 whether its perfect or with glitches, I will enjoy and be thankful for the day because it will be the start of a new chapter and a new adventure. And suddenly i feel that day will be wonderful because God gave me this person whom I will share the excitement of the journey to forever.

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