Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wed Update.... 4 months to go

I miss browsing wedding websites and supplier's update, hope to do more of this by next week and more more by September...

So here's the update for the last 2 months...

HMUA Last month I was able to book my HMUA, a friend will handle the entourage make-up but for me I chose Angie Cruz and Ogie Royale. HMUA is one of the most hard to find as you will relay on the photos online and feedback of other brides. I am very particular in getting HMUA as all your photos will reflect your pretty or horrible look. Angie has good feedback, all positive. He is also easy to talk to, I mentioned my budget and he immediately agreed, wala ng kiyeme! He's also very flexible when I made some request. What more can I ask for? An A-class HMUA that is very nice and accommodating. Let's see on the day itself... I'm pretty confident he'll do a good job.

Entourage and Groom's Outfit. The Entourage guidelines is finally complete and we were able to book Amonn Velasco for the gowns and groom's tuxedo. He offers a pretty good package and some of the people I know got him as well. Hope he stands up to our expectation, he really has a lot of clients. He's responds to email naman and if you want quick answer text him instead.

Pre-nup with Friends. Our first pre-nup shoot, most of our friends came and so we had a gang to help us with the things we need.

Reception program. Our program for the reception will be done by a good friend of mine, as another close friend will do the hosting. He's done with the script and I'm excited to discuss it with him, hopefully we'll have some time next week.

Reception set-up. We will meet with our florist and OTP for the hotel set-up next week, it has been postponed several times... hopefully this time no other conflicts will arise. Have to research for the set-up of the place though...

On the other hand, physical activities are picking up... aside from once a month fun run and regular running at Ayala Triangle or the treadmill, I usually join my fiancé every Thursday to play badminton. My love for yoga couldn't be swayed and so I just had to enroll again. At first I had a hard time managing my time as I'm supposed to take Saturday classes in Ortigas, but Saturdays are sacred for longer sleep. So for 3 weeks now, I consistently join the Wednesday morning class at Yoga Manila Makati Studio and been trying to practice 3-4x a week at home.

BUT This week I've been very lousy with my diet because of lots of work and stress, I need to get back on track and really focus as I only have 4 months left. Busy or not, stressed or not, I need to think of the healthy option! Always! So I'll try to have a quick blog from time to time of my daily healthier routine to give myself more pressure!
Target? 122lbs by Dec 1, 2010. Current: 136lbs. Lbs to loose: 14lbs.
Go go go!

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