Sunday, May 30, 2010

quick update... 6 months before the big D

At almost 6 months before the wedding, we are slowly but continuously making progress on the preparation.

Yesterday, we met with one of the probable entourage couturier. I inquired and met some already but either they have a high basic rate or I don't like their style. I scheduled the visit with this couturier a few weeks back, but since my maid of honor and I only have this weekend free we made sure to seriously meet shortlisted designers.
He was very accommodating, gave suggestions on our ideas and has a rate that perfectly fits the budget. After meeting him, my MOH and I discussed over coffee the overall rating for this designer. She liked him and hopefully all our female entourage will feel the same.

My fiancé has been working hard on the task assigned to him. The monogram has been approved (by me of course!) and he's currently working on the invitation design. Target to complete this is June.

Overall, here's what we've accomplished
1. Church - Check
2. Reception (Venue and Caterer) - Check
3. Accommodation - Check
4. P/V - Check
5. BU P/V - Check
6. Bridal and Mom's Gown -Check
7. Lights and Sounds - Check
8. Choir - Check
9. Bridal Car - Check
10. Church and Entourage Flowers - Check

Our line-up of To-do's
1. Book HMUA
2. Book Entourage Couturier
3. Buy Wedding Rings
4. Buy Suit for the groom to be
5. Finalize invitation design
6. Print invitation
7. Prepare required documents for Church
8. Pre-nups and STD
9. Decide on PS, Entourage and Parents gifts

The list makes me want to panic... but still for 201 days, i think we have time to complete every to-dos and wish list and so... Good luck to us!

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